Property Tax For Beginners

Most first time buyers are not that familiar with property taxes which can make buying or selling a little scary. Owning a property, either residential or for business, requires the property owner to pay property tax on the assessed value of a property or value of the land and buildings. The tax will be distributed if the property is sold to the previous and the new owner of the property based on how much of the year they owned the property. As a good start to home ownership, homeowners should be comfortable when it comes to tax related issues.

The amount of tax is based on the value of a real property and it is a levy issued by a government on the person’s real estate property. Then the property is appraised to get the value. The value is taxed by multiplying the fair market value of the property the current tax rate. property tax is imposed in counties, cities, towns, villages, districts, and so on because the money generated is generally used to fund schools, maintain roads, pay for the police, and support other services which all residents could enjoy.

There are cases where property tax can increase, but more often that not the value remains the same. Conversely, the tax amount may change depending on the reassessments made. Main home improvements like building an additional structure to your home can be a reason for reassessment. Consequently, the property tax levied can increase.

Although payments are normally done annually, property tax payers can pay by periodic installments, either quarterly or monthly basis. Typically, commercial properties pay quarterly while homes are charged monthly, which is normally added to mortgage payments.

Since forms of property taxes differ in countries and jurisdictions, it is wise for a home buyer to consult the appropriate regulatory board or a professional for the laws specifically applicable to properties that you want to buy, sell, or invest in.


Purchasing your first real estate property

Purchasing your first property can be a daunting task. Below are the 10 steps towards a successful property purchase:

1) Decide on the location and type of property you are looking to buy.

2) Decide how much money you would like to put down as a deposit for the property. Also how much you would like to pay towards the mortgage each month.

3) Get in contact with a financial Solutions for free non-obligatory advice regarding your mortgage options. Due to Hurleys Independent Mortgage Broker status we have whole of market access and the greatest chance of finding the most suitable mortgage for you.

4) When you have decided on the mortgage lender and your preferred mortgage product we can arrange an agreement in principle from the chosen mortgage lender. This is again non-obligatory but is used as a negotiating tool with the vendor when your offer is put down on the property. You should have your result within a day.

5) Find a property and put down an offer.

6) Inform us immediately to ensure everything is in place for when your offer is accepted. (Vendors usually like to move quickly, especially in the current climate and may condition that you have your mortgage offer within a certain time. Hurleys will look after this for you.)

7) When the lender accepts your mortgage, finalize the mortgage documents and we will submit your full file to the lender.

8) Mortgage is ACCEPTED! Receive your mortgage offer. You will get a copy, as will your solicitors and your financial institute. We will check the offer to ensure everything is correct.

9) Your solicitor will then arrange an exchange and completion date. Upon exchange you will be required to submit your deposit to your solicitor.

10) When completion occurs you get the keys to your new property.

Buying a home made easy

When done correctly, buying a home it can be easier than you might think! Our knowledge of the real estate market helps to streamline the buying process. With lenders located right in our office we can often pre-qualify buyers in less than an hour with a complete pre-approval arriving timely as well. With our simple to use Multiple Listing Service worksheet we can narrow your search significantly. This narrowing allows you to tour the homes most likely of interest to you. Using your criteria we can preview homes for you while you are at work or even out of state. When we locate real estate that meets all your criteria we immediately contact you with details. We can email you pictures not to be found elsewhere. Once your new home is found we can provide all comparable sales in the area. Using this data you will quickly see how the pricing compares to current market values. This market data also allows you to negotiate pricing. Once your price is negotiated we can provide you with a complete list of home inspections that should be done for the specific area. We can help with scheduling these inspections and most importantly with the follow through. This can be especially valuable to our out of state clients. We strive to insure that all deadlines are met and the transaction closes as scheduled. Although some transactions are complete in as little as ten days. The normal time frame is thirty to forty five days from acceptance of your offer to the closing.

As your team of realtors we provide some of the best service this industry has to offer. Helping you with arranging local accommodations, transportation, and recommending restaurants for our out of area clients are just a few of the extras you should expect from us. We know that moving is stressful and often times even overwhelming. We encourage our clients to ask for assistance in all aspects of the moving process. We have numerous resources and industry contacts available so just ask. We will do our absolute best to streamline the buying process and make your move a pleasurable one.

The real estate market currently presents numerous quality homes in all price ranges. Our satisfaction comes from knowing that our expertise has helped you to locate that “just right” piece of real estate and enabled you to negotiate your price and terms accordingly.

Property Credit Repair

Whеn іn need οf bаd credit repair, a person саn take thе nесеѕѕаrу steps tο improve credit. Dο уου know whаt уου саn dο tο repair bаd credit? Take a look аt thе following tips:

1. Control credit card spending. If уου οwn a credit card, уου ѕhουld take a closer look аt уουr spending habits. Credit cards carry high interest rates whісh саn quickly lead tο debt build-up. If уου fail tο pay уουr balance οn time, уου wіll аlѕο incur late fees whісh саn add burden tο уουr obligations.

2. Pay high rate debts first. If уου саnnοt afford tο pay аll уουr debts аt once, check whісh οf уουr accounts hаνе high interest rates аnd focus οn paying thеѕе debts first. If уου аrе currently іn thе middle οf thе mortgage, thеn thіѕ ѕhουld bе уουr priority. A mortgage loan ѕhουld bе paid first before credit card debt ѕіnсе уου сουld lose уουr home tο уουr lender.

3. Check уουr credit report twice a year. Order a copy οf уουr credit report frοm thе three bureaus еνеrу six months ѕο уου саn bе sure thаt уουr file contains ассυrаtе information. Errors саn bаdlу pull down уουr score ѕο correcting thеѕе аt once саn save уου frοm trουblе. In case уου discover errors, send a dispute letter tο thе bureau thаt issued уουr report. If уουr complaint іѕ valid, thе bureau wіll send аn updated copy οf уουr report fοr free аftеr 30 days οf investigation.

4.Apply fοr nеw credit. Acquiring nеw credit іѕ a grеаt way tο boost уουr credit score. Yου саn apply fοr a secured card ѕіnсе approval fοr thіѕ account іѕ nοt based οn history. All уου need tο dο іѕ tο submit a cash security deposit whісh саn range frοm 0 tο 0 tο gеt a secured card. Bу using thе card regularly fοr minimal рυrсhаѕеѕ аnd submitting уουr payment οn time, уου ѕhουld bе аblе tο improve уουr score more quickly.

Yου mау аlѕο consider acquiring a bаd credit loan. It dοеѕ nοt tο bе a bіg amount οf loan ѕіnсе loans fοr bаd credit аrе usually accompanied wіth higher interest rates аnd fees. Hοwеνеr, bу taking out a small amount οf loan аnd submitting уουr monthly payments οn time, уου ѕhουld bе аblе tο improve уουr score аt a fаѕtеr rate. Acquiring credit аnd being consistent wіth уουr payments іѕ a grеаt way tο ѕhοw thаt уου аrе capable οf managing debt аnd repayment effectively.

5. Negotiate wіth creditors. Yου саn significantly reduce уουr monthly payments bу negotiating wіth уουr creditors. Eхрlаіn уουr current financial situation tο уουr creditor аnd аѕk fοr a lower interest rate οr аn extended repayment period. Mοѕt creditors wіll bе willing tο adjust thеіr terms οf repayment tο аѕѕіѕt a borrower іn need. If уου саn negotiate repayment terms wіth two οr more creditors, thеn уου wіll bе аblе tο hаνе аn easier time paying οff уουr debt

Real Estate Obstacles

Obstacles with Options in Real Estate

Investment options in real estate are not that easy to tackle. They come with lot of hurdles and complexities, which well complements the kind of income and profit that can be generated with these types of investments. As we all see and notice that the real estate prices are always appreciating, so, it’s natural that this form of business is getting lucrative and popular in a humongous manner. With greater popularity, the competition also rises, and it can safely be said that today’s investment options in real estate are highly profitable, but at a cut throat competition level too.

Cheaper is Not Always Better

It is always necessary to invest on a good property rather than a cheap property, as you might not get a decent buyer for it. There is always a percentage of inherent risk, which is involved in dealing with real estate options, but it does not hurt to be extra cautious. There are a lot many ways to make money through the real estate, and not just from buying and selling properties. The common perception regarding income opportunities in real estate is rather limited. When one talks amount investing in real estate, people by default take him as a future broker. One can enter this lucrative business as a promoter, real estate inspector, real estate appraiser or real estate flipper too.

A real estate flipper is one of the latest career options in real estate. It basically deals with purchasing those specific properties, which have been otherwise abandoned, left or closed, and require great deal of repair and maintenance. These properties are bought at reasonable prices, and sold at great profits, with a little investment from your end. Before you decide to be one, wait and gauge the financial capital that you have to make those initial investments. Besides, the profits earned are usually taxed at a much higher rate, so it’s always advisable to start a business with a partner, rather than alone.

Career Options in Real Estate

Among the other innovative career options in real estate is to be a real estate inspector. Your prime motive would be, as an inspector, to look for all the possible shortcomings in any landed property or real estate. Starting from a leaky roof, to improper lighting and ventilation, you get to inspect it all. The report, thus, generated by the inspector mentions all the grey areas, which need to be repaired before the property is put on sale.

If buying and selling is not your thing, one of the other great earning opportunities in real estate business is construction and contract services. You need to appraise the land and have a fairly good market price judging ability. This sort of profile does not demand that much commitment, but is greatly profitable. The knowledge of construction is paramount and it becomes one of the great profit making options in real estate business. It is the basis on which the income is generated. Real estate brokers, on the other hand, need to have the complete knowledge and should be aware of all the current requirements and demands of land buyers. The earning opportunities in real estate is potentially booming, as people are either buying or selling land , plots and properties at a high level, so why not ride on this wave and make a huge profit by engaging in any of these options in real estate?

Should I buy now using the 5 Per Cent Downpayment Plan

If you have had problems trying to save for your down payment, you are not alone. The 5 percent downpayment plan may be your answer. With prices for new homes increasing, you may be better off to take out a high ratio mortgage now, instead of chasing the prices upward. For instance, is you are looking at a $ 200,000 home and the prices go up by 5 percent that year, you would have to save an additional $10,000 just to buy the same home that you could buy today for $200,000.

You would be better off to apply the additional $10,000 to your mortgage instead of just paying $10,000 more for the same home.

You will have to pay a 3.75% premium for mortgage insurance to buy with only 5 percent down, but keep in mind, you would have had to pay 2.5% premium if you had 10 percent down. So the additional premium is 1.25% or $2,500 using our $200,000 home. You are further off paying the $2,500 now than to save the $10,000 and buy next year. If prices increased by only 1.25% in the year then you still break even.

This program has been extremely popular and many people have taken advantage of it over the past few years. You should note that there are price ceilings and they vary from city to city but I would be happy to discuss it with you further.

Matching Property with Buyers and Sellers

The purpose of this website is to provide potential Purchasers and Vendors with quality information. Many websites provide almost no information and require you to fill out a form for every bit of information that they provide.

While our the objective of all websites is to create additional business, I hope that you find the information provided here and in our newsletters, market statistics, financial calculators to be of value and that you will reward us by allowing us to serve you for your next real estate transaction.

My team members will work hard to find your the property that you are looking for, or to sell the one that you currently own. Please give us a chance to prove ourselves. If you think that the free information that we are providing on this site is of value, just think how hard we will work for you when we are getting paid. Remember, we only get paid when we complete a transaction.

See our internet promotions and then contact us as soon as you are ready. Our team of professionals are ready to serve you.

Major European Property News

The Mid Week Round up of Major European Property News Once again there was much activity in the European property market. Below is a mid-week round up of the most recent activity. UK house prices fell slightly in January, but quarterly trend is up. After the successive rises in November and December, the price of UK properties fell by 0.2% in January. Overall the quarterly basis price is up by 1.9% compared to the previous 3 months. This is 1.3% higher than the same quarter, last January. Since October 2010, this was the first annual rise. Generally the quarterly measure is regarded as a better indication of overall property trends. Dundee International and SEB acquire German real estate portfolio A purchase agreement has been signed with Dundee International REIT, by SEB Asset Management worth around €420 million. The purchase agreement is for a portfolio of eleven properties located in several parts of Germany. The transfer is expected to take place near the end of the first quarter of 2013. London property continues to be bought by foreign investors January saw a large increase in London properties acquired by foreign property investors, with investors come from Europe, as well as Hong Kong, Egypt and the Middle East. Reports from agents W.A.Ellis showed that this has helped to make central London real estate market more buoyant. It seems that the current market strength will continue to grow throughout the rest of the year. AG Real Estate purchases Levi’s flagship store on the Champs Elysées AG Real Estate recently acquired the 3,000 square metre store complex, located at 76 Avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris, France. The transaction was dealt with by the Jones Lang SaLalle Investment department and was purchased for a base price of €85 million. The management of the investment will now be taken on by the Vendome Capital Partners

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