Purchasing your first real estate property

Purchasing your first property can be a daunting task. Below are the 10 steps towards a successful property purchase:

1) Decide on the location and type of property you are looking to buy.

2) Decide how much money you would like to put down as a deposit for the property. Also how much you would like to pay towards the mortgage each month.

3) Get in contact with a financial Solutions for free non-obligatory advice regarding your mortgage options. Due to Hurleys Independent Mortgage Broker status we have whole of market access and the greatest chance of finding the most suitable mortgage for you.

4) When you have decided on the mortgage lender and your preferred mortgage product we can arrange an agreement in principle from the chosen mortgage lender. This is again non-obligatory but is used as a negotiating tool with the vendor when your offer is put down on the property. You should have your result within a day.

5) Find a property and put down an offer.

6) Inform us immediately to ensure everything is in place for when your offer is accepted. (Vendors usually like to move quickly, especially in the current climate and may condition that you have your mortgage offer within a certain time. Hurleys will look after this for you.)

7) When the lender accepts your mortgage, finalize the mortgage documents and we will submit your full file to the lender.

8) Mortgage is ACCEPTED! Receive your mortgage offer. You will get a copy, as will your solicitors and your financial institute. We will check the offer to ensure everything is correct.

9) Your solicitor will then arrange an exchange and completion date. Upon exchange you will be required to submit your deposit to your solicitor.

10) When completion occurs you get the keys to your new property.